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Scope Rings


Now in STOCK!!

All rings are now in stock.  Rings are finished in an anodized flat black.  We also have an offering of rings cut for Weaver style bases.

Randolph Machine, Inc. precision machines scope rings on CNC machining centers to exacting tolerances.Multiple Machined Scope Ring Sets  We cut the dovetail on our rings to fit either a 3/8 inch or 11 millimeter dovetail.  Of the two mounting options, there are two tube diameter options - 1 inch and 30 millimeter.


Machined Ultralite Scope RingsUltralite Scope Rings are single screw tube mount rings-safe only for rimfire shooting.  The two diameters are offered in two styles-a straight ring and an offset ring.  The straight rings are machined to weigh 1 ounce or less, while the offset rings are designed to weigh 1.25 ounces.  Offset rings are set to the left or right by 3/4 of an inch; this helps benchrest shooters keep their head off of the stock.

Double Screw         

At this time Randolph Machine, Inc. only offers the double screw ring set in the offset manner.

Technical Specifications

Ring Diameter Screw Style Rise from Dovetail Price*
1 inch Single Straight 1.125 inch $70
30 mm Single Straight 1.125 inch $70
1 inch Single Offset 1.125 inch $70
30 mm Single Offset 1.125 inch $70
1 inch Double Offset 1.125 inch $75
30 mm Double Offset 1.125 inch $75

Disclaimer:  Randolph Machine, Inc. warranties its products against defects in craftsmanship and material.  However, we do not warranty normal wear and tear or abuse and neglect.
*Price subject to change without notice.  Randolph Machine, Inc. accepts most major credit cards from the US only.

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