Mark I

Randolph Mark I Top

Randolph Mk I Top

The Mark I Top is the original rest top produced by Randolph Machine, Inc.  The Mark I uses the shooters own "Owl Ear" Bag (available from most shooting supply stores).  The bag is held in place by two clamps on the front and back of the base or allowed to lay free between the clamps.  Using the adjusting screws on either side, the bag is compressed for a custom fit to the stock.  This is a great advantage for shooters using a sporter rifle.  The top is interchangeable with either the Front Rest or One-Piece Rest.


The Mark I Top costs $150, Owl Ear bag is NOT provided by Randolph Machine, Inc.

Due to the extraordinary rising costs of raw materials, Randolph Machine has been forced, regrettably, to raise its prices on rests and tops.


Randolph Machine, Inc. warranties its products against defects in craftsmanship and material.  However, we do not warranty normal wear and tear or abuse and neglect.

*Price is subject to change without notice. Randolph Machine, Inc. accepts most major credit cards from the US only.

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