Adjustable Mark II Top

Adjustable Mark II Top

Adjustable Mark II Top

Our Adjustable Top uses a turnbuckle assembly to close the integral vertical sandbags to either side of the stock forearm, while moving over a bottom mounted sandbag. All of the integrated sandbags are filled with sand and are approximately one half inch thick. The Mark II has adjusting knobs on both sides for right or left hand use.


The Adjustable Mark II Top is available for $200*.

Due to the extraordinary rising costs of raw materials, Randolph Machine has been forced, regrettably, to raise its prices on rests and tops.


Randolph Machine, Inc. warranties its products against defects in craftsmanship and material.  However, we do not warranty normal wear and tear or abuse and neglect.

*Price is subject to change without notice. Randolph Machine, Inc. accepts most major credit cards from the US only.

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