One Piece Rest

One-Piece Rest, Standard Silver-Vein

The One-Piece Rest

The One-Piece Rest (OPR) was, also, designed by Ken Fulgham, to fill the void of a "bag-less" rest.  The whole of your rifle "rests" securely in the OPR with the help of adjustable slides on the rear of the rest.  One of the added benefits of the OPR is an ammunition tray in the center of the elevation/windage assembly.

Once again, precision is the key to the OPR's functionality.  The OPR is machined mostly from billet aluminum, with some steel and stainless parts for durability and added weight.  


Coarse Adjustment Knob
Coarse Elevation

The elevation of the OPR is controlled in a two-stage manner with a "coarse" control and a "fine-tune" control. The roughing control is located directly below the "top" of the rest. The control is a custom threaded rod with a tight-tolerance keyway (to keep the top timed to the rest) that adjusts by turning a large "mariners" wheel. Once the elevation is "roughed" in, a small knob can lock the course elevation off.

Fine Adjustment Knob
Fine Elevation and Windage

The fine-tune control for elevation is also a custom chased threaded rod of stainless steel.  The control is activated by turning a knurled knob near the rear of the rest.  The knob moves a steel pin/ball bearing combination that "pushes" or "pulls" the sight picture down or up.

Windage is controlled by a smaller, vertically mounted "mariners" wheel embedded in the assembly.  Turning the wheel forward or back adjusts the rest to the left or right.  This control is a tight tolerance, spring tension direct drive mechanism.

The One-Piece Rest has a windage movement of 6 feet.  The coarse elevation is 10 feet, and the fine elevation is 3 feet.  All measurements are from a 50 yard shooting setup.


The One-Piece rest is sold in the standard color, silver vein hammertone, for $1000* (Price is for rest ONLY, tops are not included).  There are also many custom color options available for an extra fee ($70 for in-stock colors).  While smooth finishes are available, Randolph Machine, Inc. does recommend using the "hammertone" finish for durability.

Due to the extraordinary rising costs of raw materials, Randolph Machine has been forced, regrettably, to raise its prices on rests and tops.


Randolph Machine, Inc. warranties its products against defects in craftsmanship and material.  However, we do not warranty normal wear and tear or abuse and neglect.

*Price is subject to change without notice. Randolph Machine, Inc. accepts most major credit cards from the US only.

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